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Before seeing Dr. Swonger I was in a lot of chronic pain and frustrated with the lack of results and personal care I was receiving from my previous Chiropractor. During my visit I felt like he really cared about my issues and about getting to the root cause of those issues. After a few tests of balance and pressure points, he adjusted me. I can honestly say that I have NEVER felt this good. I had also never experienced manual manipulation and adjustment ( the remedy for my neck issues!) I am so thoroghly thankful to have found a doctor who works like Dr. Swonger does and who takes the time to find the cause of the misalignment, adjust accordingly, and also send you home with excercises to help you regain strenth lost. I am a new woman!! I will be establishing a long-term relationship to one of the best Chiropractors in the valley and feel that anyone who is looking for relief from spinal issues or frustrated with your current doctor should give Ovenell Chiro a try. It WILL change your quality of life! 

Yours Truly,  

Sheyla Danilov

My name is Dominic Mutch and I work in Law Enforcement. I have been a patient at Ovenell Chiropractic since about 2008. When I started coming to Dr. Thomas Ovenell (Tom) I had lower back pain, pain near my shoulder blade, and neck pain that lead to headaches. My quality of life and safety at work was an issue with the pain I was having. The pain in my neck caused me to not have full range of motion side to side. I was not getting the quality time with my children due to the pain.

After a few visits with Tom, I started to feel better with little to no headaches. I started to limit my visits, against Tom's advice, to just when I was hurting. That was a mistake. My quality of life became an issue again. Finally I listened to Tom. Tom set me up on a schedule to get my spine in line again. After a few visits I started to feel better and better. I needed less adjustment at my visits with one exception my neck. Tom decided I needed ex-rays to determine the reason for my constant neck pain.

We found I had military neck. That means I did not have the proper curve in my neck. Tom recommended I start treatment using a Posture Pump and a special pillow at night to help correct the curve in my neck. I took Tom's advice and began treatment with the Posture Pump. Treatment was up to me with the Posture Pump. It only took 10-15 minutes every day to every other day. I started to notice a difference so I started to use the special pillow too. Now that I have been using these for about 2-3 months I am feeling great. I have full range of motion in my neck, little to no headaches, and better quality play time with my kids. The full range of motion of my neck and less over all pain has made me safer while at work.

The professionalism of Tom and all of his staff stands alone, they are great. I always look forward to my visits. I recommend Ovenell Chiropractic so highly that my wife and children are also patients.

If you have any pain or headaches I HIGHLY recommend Ovenell Chiropractic.

With out a doubt they will help your quality of life! Thank you Ovenell Chiropractic



Dominic Mutch



No one celebrated the power of movement better than Prefontane. I had the opportunity to share that celebration with him during a College X-country race.

Some forty years later, Dr Swonger and Chiropractic help me to continue that celebration of movement.

Ken Snowden

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